The 62 Most Beautiful Places in the World to Visit

The most beautiful places in the world belong at the top of your bucket list. Sure, there are countless dreamy destinations to fill you with awe, wonder, and waves of inspiration, but these are the ones you absolutely have to see. Whether you’re taking in the sunset from the top of a terraced mountain in Vietnam or from the window of the most luxurious hotel in the Seychelles, the beauty the world has to offer will make unforgettable memories. You have to see it firsthand!

As tempting as it is to pack up your bags and go globetrotting, your search for the most beautiful places in the world can begin right now, at home, before you even book a plane ticket. We’ve curated a virtual travel itinerary that’s practically too good to be true—and you can tour every stop right now. These destinations will make you catch your breath and inspire your next vacation. You’ll find lively cities with candy-colored homes lining the streets and national parks that look like the CGI special effects in a blockbuster movie. Prepare to get swept off your feet—and to spark your wanderlust to travel from desert to desert and island to island. The best part? Some of these destinations are underrated, so you might have the place all to yourself.

Below, click through the most beautiful places in the world that’ll make to reshuffle your travelbucket list and dust off your luggage. Trust us, pictures don’t do them justice!

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